2012 Powder Keg Course Updates

Due to poor snow conditions in the Wasatch this winter, we have had to reroute some of the Powder Keg course.  The biggest change is the omission of of Stupid Chute.  We evaluated the snow in the top of the chute and decided it just wasn’t safe enough.  for any snow geeks out there, here were the facets we found that comprised 1/6 of the snow pack.

We have made the following changes to the course from 2011.

  • First climb goes up Rockin R instead of Golden Needle
  • Boot up to Clayton from Great Western instead of skiing around through the backcountry gate.
  • Stay on ridge until it is clearly marked to descend – DO NOT DESCEND TOWARDS LACKAWAXAN
  • Ski Brown Spot instead of Cheese Grater into Hidden Canyon
  • Ascent up Hidden Canyon joins Elk Ridge, then stays on the groomer instead of joining the track from the first climb
  • From Preston Peak you must stay on the ridge until clearly marked – DO NOT DESCEND TO SKIERS LEFT
  • From top of Mt Milly, descend, then climb to Mt Wolverine instead of skiing Stupid Chute.
  • Carefully follow all flagging down Wolverine Bowl and into the trees to Lake Mary
  • Skin across Lake Mary and climb and traverse to Milly Bowl
  • Descend  Milly Bowl and join the uphill traffic from the Milly climb. 
  • Stay left at the Majestic Junction and ski to the finish line

We will go over the entire course during the pre-race meeting on March 9th.

Overall Course Details

Red items are race and heavy metal divisions only

  • Start at the Church and run across the parking lot to Brighton Lodge
  • Ascend Scout, Rockin-R, Elk Ridge, and Elk Park to Great Western (Check Point 1)
  • Boot to top of Clayton Peak
  • Ski the ridge to the just above the pass between Clayton Peak and 10,420′
  • Descend to Check Point (CP) 2
  • Ascend to pass between Clayton Peak and 10,420′
  • Skin/Traverse to top of Brown Spot
  • Descent Brown Spot (CAREFULLY) to CP 3
  • Climb out of Hidden Canyon to CP 4 (Great Western)
  • Descend Western Trail to Snake Creek Pass (CP 5)
  • Climb up to Preston Peak (CP 6)
  • Descend the ridge (DO NOT LEAVE THE RIDGE) and when marked, descent left to CP 7
  • Ascend to the top of Crest lift and continue up to Pioneer Ridge (CP 8 )
  • Descend Wren Hollow, Lost Maid, and Milly Access to CP 9
  • Ascend Majestic Access, Canyon, Little Milly, and Backbone to top of Milly Express (CP 10)
  • Boot to top of Mt Millicent (CP 11)
  • Descend to pass
  • Skin to top of Mt Wolverine (CP 12)
  • Descend Wolverine Bowl and carefully follow flagging to Lake Mary (CP 13)
  • Skin across Lake Mary, up and into Milly Bowl (CP 14)
    • Rec Division will traverse left from top of Milly Express lift and ski into Milly Bowl
  • Descend Milly Bowl to Canyon and stay left to ski to the Finish Line at the Milly Base.

The course details on the race info page have been updated to reflect these course changes.

About brackec

The Powder Keg is a test of speed, strength, and endurance for any backcountry skier. The race will have captivating views of Heber Valley, Mt Nebo, Mt Timpanogos, and the Cottonwood Canyons. The race division will cover 11 miles and have 6 climbs for a little over 6,000’ of climbing. The Recreational division will cover 6.5 miles and have 4 climbs for 3,500’ of climbing. Within each the race division there will be categories for Race and Heavy Metal. There will be a BBQ, awards ceremony, and raffle following the race at the Milly Chalet.
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