2014 Powder Keg Required Race Gear

We are less than 2 weeks from race date!  If you haven’t registered, please do so early so that we can plan accordingly and not run out of post race BBQ food like we have in the past.  Similar to last year, we will be implementing ISMF rules for race gear.  The full list of gear and some manufacturers is posted on the Required Gear page. Here is a summary.

Friday Sprint

  • Skis/Skins/Poles
  • Pack capable of carrying your skis connected to the pack in 2 locations.
  • Helmet (Must meet UIAA 106 of CE EN 12492 standards)
  • Gloves
  • No beacon, shovel, probe, or additional layers required.

Saturday Individual

  • Beacon: Conforms to standard EN 300718 457 kHz frequency.
  • Shovel (no snow claws): Minimum length 50 cm.
  • Probe: No probe poles.  Minimum 240cm
  • Skis: front and rear bindings must be same manufacturer
    • Men: minimum 160cm
    • Women: minimum 150cm
  • Poles
  • Skins
  • Pack
  • 2 bottom layers
  • 3 top layers (1 must be a wind layer)
  • Gloves
  • UV eye protection

Sunday Technical Teams

  • All gear from Saturday plus
  • Harness: Conforming to UIAA standard 105
  • Via Ferrata: Energy absorbing system conforming to UIAA standard 128. Must have locking carabiners to attach via ferrata to the fixed rope. Static runners are not allowed.
  • Ascender: no prussicks, Ropeman, or Tiblocs.  Ascender must have a handle
  • Sling: must connect to ascender with a locking carabiner
  • Optional items to be announced race week
    • Ice Ax
    • Crampons

There will be a rope skills check for the Sunday Technical Teams Race on Friday during race check-in.  You must pass the skills check in order to race.

About brackec

The Powder Keg is a test of speed, strength, and endurance for any backcountry skier. The race will have captivating views of Heber Valley, Mt Nebo, Mt Timpanogos, and the Cottonwood Canyons. The race division will cover 11 miles and have 6 climbs for a little over 6,000’ of climbing. The Recreational division will cover 6.5 miles and have 4 climbs for 3,500’ of climbing. Within each the race division there will be categories for Race and Heavy Metal. There will be a BBQ, awards ceremony, and raffle following the race at the Milly Chalet.
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