2018 Powder Keg and Teams Course Update

We are just over 1 week away from the Powder Keg. Please see the weekend schedule for details. The Friday Sprint will be the same as 2016. The Saturday Individual course is the same as 2017. Two key things to remember

  1. Registration ends at 6PM on Thursday, February 22. You MUST pre-register for the sprint race There is no day of sprint race registration.
  2. The 6:30 PM pre-race meeting on Friday night is MANDATORY.

We are proud to release the new 2018 Wasatch Powder Keg Teams Race Course. The new course has only 1 inbounds section (the first climb) with the entire rest of the race in the backcountry. Course map and profile can be found on the Race Schedule and Courses page.

Teams Course Description

  • Ascent 1
    • Start at Milly Chalet and climb Main Street to the top of Milly Express Lift.
    • Boot to the summit of Mt Millicent.
    • It is racers choice of skins on or skins off for the short descent off the the summit of Mt Millicent.
    • Racers will then ascend the ridge and traverse through the trees below Wolverine Bowl to Checkpoint 1.
  • Descent 1
    • Descent and traverse skiers right to Lake Martha and Checkpoint 2
    • Watch the flagging and ensure you are traversing right on the descent
  • Ascent 2
    • Ascent the Dog Lake Ridge to False Pioneer Peak on Pioneer Ridge
    • It is racers choice of skins on or skins off for the short descending traverse of Pioneer Ridge
    • Ascend Pioneer ridge to Lone Tree at the top of Green Slope and Checkpoint 3
  • Descent 2
    • Descent Green Slope and traverse skiers left to the Snake Creek Road and Checkpoint 4
  • Ascent 3
    • Ascend to Crest Pass (same route as Individual Race)
    • From Crest Pass climb right up to Preston Peak and Checkpoint 5
  • Descent 3
    • Descend skiers right to the ridge above Snake Creek Cirque
    • Descend the ridge and follow the flagging to the bottom meadow and Checkpoint 6
  • Ascent 4
    • Ascent northeast to Rochester Ridge
    • Follow Rochester Ridge northwest to the main ridge at the top of Brighton
    • Turn northwest and follow the ridge to the bottom of the Clayton Peak booter
    • Boot to the top of Clayton Peak
    • Boot north down the Clayton Peak ridge to Checkpoint 7.
  • Descent 4
    • Follow the Individual Course descent down Cheese Grater into Hidden Canyon and Checkpoint 8
  • Ascent 5
    • Climb northeast to the ridge leading to Peak 10,420’
    • Following the ridge west southwest to the summit of Peak 10,420 and Checkpoint 9
  • Descent 5
    • Descent west from Peak 10,420 into the open meadow and Checkpoint 10
  • Ascent 6
    • Climb west to the saddle between Peak 10,420’ and Clayton Peak
    • Follow the ridge south to Checkpoint 11 (same as checkpoing 7)
  • Descent 6
    • Descent Cheese Grater (same as descent 4)
    • Continue through the Hidden Canyon Checkpoint 8 following the groomed access road
    • Drop down off the road and follow the flagging to a groomed run
    • Continue a short distance down the groomed run to the Big Cottonwood Canyon Road and Checkpoint 12
  • Skinning finish
    • Carefully cross the road
    • Put skins back on and follow the skin track along the parking lot and through the willow tree patch
    • Skis back off and once again carefully cross the Big Cottonwood Canyon Road by the church
    • Skin along the groomed heli landing zone to the finish line at Milly Chalet

Race Stats

  • 6 climbs
  • ~7,800’ ascent
  • Skinning finish
  • 2 booters
  • 2 road crossings
  • >14 miles

All resort slope names can be found on the Brighton Trail Map. All backcountry slope names can be found on the Wasatch Backcountry Skiing Map.

NOTE: It is it not yet known what will be needed for fixed lines. The final decision on this will be made on Feb 23. Please plan on brining harness, via ferrata, and ascender if you are leaving for the race prior to Feb 23.

About brackec

The Powder Keg is a test of speed, strength, and endurance for any backcountry skier. The race will have captivating views of Heber Valley, Mt Nebo, Mt Timpanogos, and the Cottonwood Canyons. The race division will cover 11 miles and have 6 climbs for a little over 6,000’ of climbing. The Recreational division will cover 6.5 miles and have 4 climbs for 3,500’ of climbing. Within each the race division there will be categories for Race and Heavy Metal. There will be a BBQ, awards ceremony, and raffle following the race at the Milly Chalet.
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