Powder Keg Technical Teams Race

Race plans are quickly coming together.  With the current stability, we will be able to use the standard Powder Keg course for Saturday (down Stupid Chute and across Twin Lakes).

Thanks to the help of Nick, Eric, Teague, Noah, and Blake we were able to finalize the technical teams course today and it is going to be great.  This will be a great course designed by a group of racers in the true heart of a long teams race.  The final stats are:

  • 8 climbs
  • 6 summits (Clayton, Preston, Pioneer, Millicent, Patsy Marley, Wolverine)
  • between 8,250′ and 8,450′ climbing
  • ~13.5 miles
  • 2 standard booters
  • 1 steep roped booter

We are excited to have the course finalized.  I will have a final course map posted this week.  In the mean time, here is a draft with only a few changes that will be made to this. We also hope to have a Google Earth fly over ready in a couple weeks.

Here is a course overview.

  1. The first climb will follow the Powder Keg course for Saturday until the top of Great Western. At the top of Great Western, racers will summit Clayton Peak straight up from Checkpoints 1 & 4
  2. The first descent will go down the Clayton Peak ridge to eventually join the first descent from Saturday.
  3. The second climb up to the top of Cheese Grater and the descent of Cheese Grater are the same as Saturday.
  4. The third climb will follow Saturday’s climb
  5. At Checkpoint 4, instead of staying on the cat track, descend Rein’s Run to Lone Star.
  6. Checkpoint 5 will be just before where Lone Star and Sunshine merge.
  7. The forth climb will go up through the trees and eventually come out onto Sunshine just before it merges with Pioneer. The rest of the climb will follow Saturday’s course to Preston Peak
  8. The descent off of Preston Peak will be the same as Saturday to the top of Great Western
  9. From Checkpoint 7, the race will follow Saturday’s climb, but continue to the top of Pioneer Peak
  10. Racers will descend from Pioneer Peak and join Wren Hollow about ½ way down the run and then continue down following Milly Access to Checkpoint 9 at the bottom of Brighton.
  11. The first half of climb 6 will be the same as Saturday, but instead of going right up Little Milly, racers will stay left up Scree Slope.
  12. Booter #2 will be in Milly Bowl through the mid slope cliff area.
  13. Racer will then skin to the base of Elevator where they will use their ascenders and via ferrata kits (conditions will determine if crampons are required) to ascend a fixed line up Elevator followed by a short skin to the summit of Mt Millicent.
  14. The descent off of Mt Millicent and Stupid Chute will be the same as Saturday’s race.
  15. At Twin Lakes, racers will go left and ascend to Twin Lakes Pass, then Patsy Marley. At the top of Patsy Marley, racers will follow the ridge above Wolverine Cirque to the summit of Mt Wolverine.
  16. Racers will descend Wolverine Bowl and then stay right as they continue to traverse and descend to Lake Mary.
  17. The eighth and final climb will take racers across Lake Mary and then climb back up to the base of the Mt Milly cliffs where they will skin back into Brighton Resort.
  18. The final descent will drop down the steep top section of Scree Slope and continue to the Finish Line at Milly Chalet.

Here are some photos of the course:


       The guys responsible for the technical teams course


      Looking over at Blake booting up Elevator. It will be nice to have a rope on race day.



     Blake, Noah, and Eric approaching the summit of Mt. Millicent.

About brackec

The Powder Keg is a test of speed, strength, and endurance for any backcountry skier. The race will have captivating views of Heber Valley, Mt Nebo, Mt Timpanogos, and the Cottonwood Canyons. The race division will cover 11 miles and have 6 climbs for a little over 6,000’ of climbing. The Recreational division will cover 6.5 miles and have 4 climbs for 3,500’ of climbing. Within each the race division there will be categories for Race and Heavy Metal. There will be a BBQ, awards ceremony, and raffle following the race at the Milly Chalet.
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