Powder Keg Course Update

Don’t forget, you must register by 8PM tonight (Feb 25) to receive your T-shirt for the Saturday race. Sunday racers will receive a Buff.

If anyone is looking for a partner for the Sunday Team’s race, please post to the Facebook page. Several people have contacted us looking for partners.

The course for both the race/heavy metal and rec divisions has changed for the 2013 Powder Keg. Where the directions refer to Race Division, this applies to both Race and Heavy Metal.  You can find maps to go with the description below on the Race Info page.

Here is a detailed course description:

Ascent 1

  • As in previous years, the race will start at Milly Chalet.  There will not be a running start this year.  Upon the gear check, racers will enter the starting coral and not be able to leave.  Jackets will be able to be dropped beside the coral and picked up by the finish line volunteers.
    • Race will line up in front with Heavy Metal 20M behind the race start.
    • Rec will start 10 minutes after Race/Heavy Metal start (to allow for Rec to go through gear check and move into the coral).
    • The race will follow the route of prior years to the base of Snake Creek Express (follow Scout to get there).
    • From Snake Creek Express the race will ascend Rockin-R until racers are under the Great Western Express lift.
    • Racers will go right towards the lift tower, then ascend through the trees until they reach Elk Park Ridge.
    • Racers will ascend the right side of Elk Park Ridge until the 2nd flat where they will go right off  of the groomed run and traverse under the lift and then climb to Checkpoint 1.
    • At Checkpoint 1, the Race and Rec Division splits.
      • Rec Division de-skins and descends to checkpoint 5 (Rec Division participants, skip to Descent 2 description).
      • Race Division will transition to a booter and boot to the summit of Clayton Peak.
        • Upon reaching the summit, the Race division will boot down the ridge to Checkpoint 2.

Descent 1

  • At Checkpoint 2, racers will de-skin and descend  Brown Spot and continue descending into Hidden Canyon.
  • Racers will stay to the right on the open trail until they reach Checkpoint 3.

Ascent 2

  • Racers will ascend through the trees until they reach the cat track coming down to Elk Park Ridge.
  • Racers will ascend the right side of the cat track to Checkpoint 4.
  • CAUTION: there will be downhill traffic on this section.

Descent 2

  • Follow Western Trail down to Snake Creek Pass and Checkpoint 5.

Ascent 3

  • Climb the left edge of the ridge and continue past the top of the Snake Creek Express lift and through the backcountry gate.
  • Continue to the summit of Preston Peak and Checkpoint 6.

Descent 3

  • Ski down southeast from the summit of Preston Peak (note this is the opposite side of the summit from previous years).  Continue descending right of the trees following the red flags
  • Use extreme caution as you enter the aspen trees towards the bottom of the descent.  Follow the flags to skiers right and continue down to Checkpoint 7.

Ascent 4

  • Prepare for the long, warm climb out of Snake Creek and up to Pioneer Ridge.
  • You will reach Checkpoint 8 a short climb after reaching Pioneer Ridge.

Descent 4

  • This is the same descent as prior years.  You will drop down through the steep trees to Pacific Highway.
  • Take Pacific Highway to Wren Hollow.  Carefully descend Wren Hollow watching for the rock drop offs marked with Brighton trail markers.
  • From Wren Hollow, go left onto Lost Maid, then another left onto Milly Access.
  • Follow Milly Access to Checkpoint 9.
  • Watch for Brighton skier traffic on this descent.

Ascent 5

  • Ascend Majestic Access to Canyon.
    • Rec Division will ascend only to the junction with Canyon, then de-skin and ski to the finish line.
    • Race Division will continue to ascend.
    • Stay on the left side of Canyon as you ascend.
    • Before the water tank, cut left into the trees and ascend to the bottom of Milly Bowl/Scree Slope
    • Transition to a booter at the cliff bands.
    • Skin to the base of Elevator (where the teams race will ascend via rope on Sunday) to Checkpoint 10.
    • Watch for Brighton skier traffic on this ascent.

Descent 6

  • Descend from Checkpoint 10 traversing skiers left to avoid the cliff area you just booted up.
  • Descend through the cliff bands between Lone Pine and Scree Slope.
  • Use EXTREME CAUTION in this area as there are many cliff bands that need to be avoided.  This is the steepest descent of the course!
  • Continue down to Canyon.
  • Stay left into the trees and transition from Canyon with a short skate up Main Street
  • Go right at the first junction and ski Perris Bowl
  • Continue on to the finish line at Milly Chalet.
  • Watch for Brighton cross traffic as you cross the slopes to the finish line.

About brackec

The Powder Keg is a test of speed, strength, and endurance for any backcountry skier. The race will have captivating views of Heber Valley, Mt Nebo, Mt Timpanogos, and the Cottonwood Canyons. The race division will cover 11 miles and have 6 climbs for a little over 6,000’ of climbing. The Recreational division will cover 6.5 miles and have 4 climbs for 3,500’ of climbing. Within each the race division there will be categories for Race and Heavy Metal. There will be a BBQ, awards ceremony, and raffle following the race at the Milly Chalet.
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2 Responses to Powder Keg Course Update

  1. TreeBark says:

    I am in the rec division and wondering if the Friday night meeting is mandatory for me and if it is really at Brighton. I would like to cut back on the driving if possible and some have been saying that the Friday night meeting is not at Brighton but rather at some location in the valley. Thanks for any clarification. TreeBark

    • brackec says:

      Aaron, I understand about the driving. The pre-race meeting is at Brighton because it is immediately following the Sprint Race. The meeting is mandatory as it covers the race rules, course conditions, avalanche conditions, and other safety concerns. We highly recommend people carpool for both the pre-race meeting and the race. If you don’t have anyone to car pool with, I would recommend posting a request on the Powder Keg Facebook page.

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